stainless steel pegs
This ultimate guide to buying stainless steel pegs is useful if you’re interested in making the switch to stainless steel pegs but want to know more about which peg is best for your needs. When researching which stainless steel pegs to buy there are three main things to consider: Firstly,
stainless steel pegs
It’s fantastic that there are more alternatives to plastic pegs available but with all his choice comes confusion.  Here are some key features of Best Pegs stainless steel pegs: They are larger. Best Pegs are large sized. They are 76mm long, similar to standard clothes pegs. Other stainless steel pegs
ultimate guide to buying stainless steel pegs
Ever wondered what is the difference between 304 and 316 stainless steels? Not all stainless steels are created equal. While it’s great to make the switch to stainless steel clothes pegs, the grade of the stainless steel is important if you want them to last longer than you will! 316
best pegs stainless steel pegs
I am happy and excited about the launch of Best Pegs on World Environment Day in June, 2019. Since then I have been working hard (in between parenting three kids under five!) to get everything up and running. I want to increase the use of stainless steel pegs in Australia.